“Expertise does not trump authenticity and true deep connection, but it sure looks pretty hanging on your wall. I don’t think there is a single person out there who could, in all honesty, call themselves a parenting expert. Parenting is an incredibly personal and intimate process of internal work and unique challenges, but one of the most valuable things anyone can have in their life is someone who can truly empathize with them through the hardest and the most beautiful moments in life and help guide us to use them to uncover our truth, our voice and our needs. The world desperately needs conscious human beings and in order to raise them we need to become conscious parents, and that’s the true science behind thriving!”

-Vanessa Shapiro

In my experience parenting is the hardest job there is! Most times when we get a new job there is support and training to go along with it. Sometimes we are given a professional coach or a mentor to help us through the hard situations and warn us of things we should expect. As parents we don’t get that kind of job training and yet it is our most vital role because we are molding brains and shaping the future.

There are a million parenting books and friends are always quick to offer advice and input. Yet how do we separate the good advice from the bad? More importantly how do we find what works for us? What are the values we truly desire to instill in our children? Even if you find time to read all the books it can be difficult to put the ideas into action when we have our own unconscious beliefs getting in the way.

Many people are quick to jump to skepticism at the mention of “peaceful parenting”.

“How can I be peaceful when my toddler spilled milk all over the carpet?”


“It’s impossible to be peaceful when my daughter just rolled her sassy eyes at me for the 14th time today!”


“My 12 year old son insists on disobeying me and pushing all of my buttons so peaceful goes out the window.”

This often leads to statements such as:

“It’s my way or the highway!”

“It doesn’t matter if you like it, this is just the way it is!”

“You have until the count of 3 and then you are going to timeout!”

“This is my house and you will respect my rules!”

Sound familiar?

Why is it that we often catch ourselves saying the exact things we hated hearing most as kids. Did it make us want to do what we were being told then? Is it working now in your parenting? Are you happy with the results you are getting?

Do some days feel like you’re just surviving parenting instead of enjoying it? Do you catch yourself getting more angry and frustrated then you knew was possible? Are there days when you feel totally helpless on how to create a different dynamic with your kids?  You love them more than anything but the daily emotional roller coaster is taking its toll?

Are you ready to change? Are you ready to end your day feeling fulfilled instead of full of shame? Are you curious about experiencing natural cooperation, respect and connection? Finding your own peace at heart to parent in the way you truly desire is possible.

Using my toolkit for transformation provides you with a new language of empathy and behavioral shifts start to naturally transpire. When you have the motivation within, it is possible to shift and eliminate the dreaded punishments, shaming, yelling and blaming.

This beautifully real metamorphosis will not only change your relationship with your child but all relationships within your family.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation today so we can talk about your parenting goals and how to get you on the path to finding your own peace at heart.